Sprint Triathlon


Sprint Triathlon

from 135.00

750m swim

20km bike

5km run

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Race Info

Swim (750m)

Your race start time will be given to you in the race pack. Please make sure you are at the start line 15 minutes prior to the start time.

The swim course runs north to south - starting on the western edge of the lake, going towards the southern end, taking a turn of the first buoy from the right, then heading back towards the shore on the eastern edge of the lake. As you exit the lake there is a small run of 1.5 km to the transition bay on Karakoram Highway. You are requested to keep you running shoes at the swim finish so you can run to T1.

Bike (20km)

Pick up your road / hybrid bike and there will be direction signs to guide you towards your exit to the transition bay. The bike route will be heading south towards Attabad lake on the Karakoram Highway. After the climb on the run, this will feel easy on the legs. Straight away you have a steep downhill - losing 100m of elevation in the space of the first 3km. The road surface is excellent for a road bike and the road will either be segregated or marshaled to ensure your safety on the course. The turning point for the bike leg is Shiskat Bala (please refer to the map for the route) just after the main bridge. As you head back, prepare to be stunned as you’re dwarfed by the Passu cones in front of you.

Just before the approach to the transition bay, you’ll have to encounter the one steep hill on this course. It’s a short steep climb of 2.2km and should get the legs warmed again for the next bit.

Run (3.5km )

With the additional 1.5km from the swim start to T1, the additional 3. 5 km adds up to a total of 5km for the sprint triathlon.

As you climb back up the hill out of T2, you will go through the village on the southern edge of the south, run along the edge of the lake and go back towards the starting time and going clockwise on the lake, the finish will be at Borith Lake Hotel as we cheer you on.