Olympic Triathlon


Olympic Triathlon

from 150.00

1500m swim

40km bike

10km run

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The Olympic distance triathlon is an incredible challenge to be a part of. Even with the climbs, it is all very possible to complete even for an amateur. We do recommend you have some training behind before attempting this category race.

Route information

Swim (1500m)

Your swim start time will be provided to you in your race pack. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start at the start line.

The swim will be running north to south. The first buoy will be on the south end of the lake, the second one will on the north end, followed by another buoy on the south. Turning the third buoy you will be facing towards the shore and head back.

There is a 1.5km run to the T1 after the swim exit, so your running shoes will be stored at the swim exit.

Bike (40km)

As you get to T1, you will have signs pointing in the correct direction based on your category. For the Olympic Triathlon you will be heading north towards the town of Passu. There is a punchy climb straight out of T1 so be prepared for that. It is a speedy downhill as you turn the hairpin and go down to Passu with the Passu cones in the background.

There will be a marshal and a signpost pointing out where you have to turn back and head towards T1.

Crossing T1, you will continue going south on the Karakoram Highway, which will either be segregated or marshaled for your safety. The turn back point will be at Shiskat Bala (please refer to the Komoot map above). Don’t forget to take in the views of the Attabad lake. The total distance would be roughly 40.5km

Run (8.5km)

With the additional 1.5km that was required to run from the swim start to T2 that would be counted towards the 10km run of a triathlon.

Once out of T2, there is a steep climb up to to Borith Lake. You will the route going through the village and then hugs the south coast, turns right along the edge, and goes all the way up hill to the Passu Glacier viewpioint.

Once there, you have a good view of the glacier. It’s all the way back down and we shall be cheering you on .