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3.5 km run

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Route Info

Run leg 1 ( 7 km )

If you’re struggling with swimming and feel like you need to tone it down but still be part of the whole experience, a duathlon option might be for you.

The first leg is the 7km run that starts at the start line on the eastern edge of the lake. You’re immediately heading uphill towards the Passu glacier. We will be cheering you on as you start tackling the climb. As it’s just the start, we recommend to pace yourself properly and not to burn out. Once you’ve managed to reach the top, and have a quick glimpse of the Passu Glacier, you’ll be heading back down and loving it. The surface is loose gravel and small stones so we recommend appropriate trail running shoes.

As you come down, and past the Borith Lake hotel, you will be leaving that behind and going further down towards the Karakoram Highway. The transition bay will be located at the bottom of the run course.

Bike Leg (20km)

Pick up your road / hybrid bike and there will be direction signs to guide you towards your exit to the transition bay. The bike route will be heading south towards Attabad lake on the Karakoram Highway. After the climb on the run, this will feel easy on the legs. Straight away you have a steep downhill - losing 100m of elevation in the space of the first 3km. The road surface is excellent for a road bike and the road will either be segregated or marshaled to ensure your safety on the course. The turning point for the bike leg is Shiskat Bala (please refer to the map for the route) just after the main bridge. As you head back, prepare to be stunned as you’re dwarfed by the Passu cones in front of you.

Just before the approach to the transition bay, you’ll have to encounter the one steep hill on this course. It’s a short steep climb of 2.2km and should get the legs warmed again for the next bit.

Run leg 2 (3.6km)

As you leave your bike, the run section leads you back up onto the lake via the switchback, there are 4 of them so it should be easy to count down. Don’t underestimate the elevation and the fact that you’ve just ridden as well and pact yourself. The route will be marked which will take you through the village, along the southern edge of the lake, past the start line and finally the home run. Take in the atmosphere and really enjoy the moment as you cross