Giants in Disguise: Ali Khurshid

We’re stoked to have the talented and a very familiar individual from Karachi, Pakistan, Ali Khurshid - A creative photographer and Founder of Lighthouse Photography, Karachi. He’s literally always on the run, come rain or shine, at photoshoots, training, cycling or out and about around Karachi rescuing animals. He’s humble by nature, but we’ve managed to scratch the surface of what makes Ali a true giant in disguise.



Tell us about yourself - Who is Ali Khurshid?

I’m a professional photographer based in Karachi, Pakistan and the Founder of Lighthouse Photography. I’m a cyclist and runner too. Running is one of my passions which is my source of inner strength and power. I can not go a day without running! I am also involved in supporting NGOs in Pakistan, especially Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF) Animal Rescue Welfare in Karachi. I lust for adventure and have an unconditional love for animals.

What is the craziest adventure you’ve ever gone on?

I have had a fair share of crazy adventures, from running marathons in New York and Istanbul, cycling in the northern valleys of Pakistan, but I yearn for more! One experience that has moulded me into the adventurer that I am today, is from the summer of 2005, when I had never even been outside my neighbourhood. I decided to venture all the way to Hunza from Karachi (a distance of around 2000 km) by road. I started off by hopping onto a train from Karachi to Lahore, taking a Daewoo coach from Lahore to Islamabad, and another coach from Islamabad to Hunza on one of the deadliest roads in the world. I was only carrying a point and shoot camera, with barely any money. But I was fuelled with so much energy -  it pumps me up even to this day. I have been there nine more times since then, in every season, as a photographer, runner, cyclist and part of movie crew.


Why do you keep on challenging yourself?

I believe a healthy mind and physical fitness are a constant work in progress, and I like to keep challenging myself to keep trying and working towards a sound body and mind. It’s pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and challenging oneself that makes life one hell of a journey!

What’s next for Ali Khurshid?

I plan to start fitness vacations and retreats around the northern areas of Pakistan, and some surprise marathons! ;)

In your opinion, what makes Pakistan such a unique country and why would you encourage people to visit?

We have deserts, mountains, and everything in between!!! People should come and experience the hospitality and warmth as well. :)

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Where to find Ali Khurshid:

Instagram: @alikhurshid1
Facebook: @alikhurshid1 / @LighthouseCinematic


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