Giants In Disguise: Abdullah Adnan

We have a young giant this week, and he sure has a bright future ahead! 15 years old, Abdullah Adnan is currently ranked no.1 Tennis Player in Pakistan Under 16. Read about his dreams in life and savour a refreshing perspective of a young passionate boy.


Who is Abdullah Adnan? Share a bit about your journey and your passion(s).

I am a 15 year old professional tennis player. I was born in Abbottabad, KPK and grew up in Lahore. My father was in the army and was a great tennis player, who retained the no.1 title in the army for several years. Since I was 4, I started accompanying my dad to all the different army club tournaments and watched my dad play every single day. I won my first tournament at the age of 10 and was ranked no. 1 nationally Under 12. I consistently kept training and won several national championships. Currently, I am Pakistan’s no.1 Tennis Player Under 16 and will be representing Pakistan at the Junior Davis Cup in Bangkok this April.


What are some of the obstacles you have faced or encouragement you have received over the years?

Over the years, I have and still do face a lot of obstacles. Except for my parents, I receive a lot of negative remarks and criticism for playing tennis. People advise me to play it as a hobby because no one from Pakistan has gone to become a world champion and keep discouraging me. But I have started to realise that there will be haters and naysayers - I should focus my energy on what I do best. The negativity used to affect me but I have become mentally tougher over the years and also come closer to my religion where I find peace and tranquility. I will prove every single one of my hater wrong when I become the first Pakistani to win a grand slam.

What is your dream in life and how do you plan on pursuing your passion?

I see myself holding the Wimbledon Trophy in 2 years time. I am training hard every single day for it. I try to be really precise in what I eat, where I go and who I hang out with as all of this has an impact on my tennis. I believe if I work hard and ask Allah for success, I will surely get to where I want to be in my life, to be the greatest tennis player of all time.

Do you think playing sports has helped you in other aspects of your life?

Yes, I believe sports has helped me handle a lot of difficult situations in life. Tennis has really helped me work under pressure, and taught me to persevere, work hard in order to get back up on your feet and be your best.

Lastly, why do you do what you do?

I have a passion for tennis, and I feel Allah has given me a talent which I have to avail, to become the best tennis player and inspire people through my talent. I want to be able to build tennis clubs and academies and serve humanity in every way I can, locally, nationally and on a global scale.



Where to find Abdullah Adnan:

Facebook: @AbdullahAdnan

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