How to get to Karimabad

All roads lead to Karimabad!🛣️


We recommend you arrive in Karimabad latest by 31 August 2018. This will ensure you have plenty of time to relax, get used to massiveness of this place and get to mingle with the locals. Transport either via road or air are viable options. 


Via Road

Take the road leading to Abbottabad and head towards Babusar Pass. The drive is certainly worth the effort, the beautiful valleys, changing terrain make for a very enjoyable experience. Add up to two days if you wish to arrive in Karimabad via road. This is so that you are not rushing your way through and arrive well in time for the event. Gilgit to Karimabad is a marvellous road and those who enjoy long drives will certainly love the route. Karimabad to Borith Lake will take another 1.5 hours.

Please make sure to keep Identification documents and vehicle registration with you at all times, there are multiple security checks (all friendly) to ensure every tourist is provided the best possible services by the government. Keeping track of your safety is their priority and should be at all times be cooperated with. 


Via Air

PIA operates regular flights from Benazir Bhutto International to Gilgit Airport. The flight takes an hour to arrive in Gilgit. The most convenient and relaxing way to reach Gilgit by far. Beware, the flights may be cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions in Gilgit which may disrupt flight times and can result in delays which may or may not be a day or two. In that case do have a backup where you can travel by road. Leave ample time to reach Karimabad. 


Transporting your bike via Air

Please make sure your bikes are properly packaged for flight. Here are some tutorials worth watching for the best bike packing methods for flights. We cannot assume any responsibility for the loss or damage of your property during transportation unless and otherwise stated.