Frequently Asked Questions

Will I require a sponsorship letter to visit Pakistan

As an international participant you will require an invitation letter to apply for your Pakistani visa. The invitation letter will be provided as part of the ticket price. Please get in touch by email - for further help with regards to any visa queries.

Will I need a visa to visit Pakistan?

Visas are required for all non-Pakistani citizens. Please visit the nearest Pakistani mission near you for the required visit visa. Visit visa requirements can also be found online at the High Commission of Pakistan.

How can I get to Gilgit?

There are regular flights from Islamabad to Gilgit via Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). We recommend booking the flight through our travel partner Expedition Asia.

What should I bring with me on Race Day?


  • Goggles
  • Swim cap
  • Swimming Trunks / wetsuit / trisuit
  • Towel


  • Hybrid / Road / Off-road cycle
  • Bike Helmet (this is necessary for all participants)
  • Cycle shoes (recommended but not necessary)
  • Water bottle
  • Nutrition - protein bars / gels


  • Good pair of running shoes that you are comfortable using.

What is the entry fee?

Please have a look at the home page or the specific tickets page for each race categories price and details on what is included in the ticket price.

Is the swim start a mass start or a wave start?

For safety reasons all waves will be will be dependant on your race category.

Where can I find the course map?

The course map shall be sent to all participants in March (if you've already paid), otherwise it should be made public by Mid-March.

Will I be able to sign up on race day?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the event, we will not be able to take sign ups on race day. Cut off date for ticket sales (online / offline) will be 30 June 2019.

What are the age requirement?

Anyone above the age of 18 at the time of the event can take part.

Can I change my race after registring?

We might consider your change but cannot gaurantee it given there are limited spots in each wave and category.

Can your friends and family come and see you?

Of course! We highly encourage you bring others along to spectate and enjoy an amazing day out. The more people know about it, the better!


Have a specific query and can't find the answer to it above?

Please send us a message using the form below or email us at We're always looking for ways to improve. 

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