Corporate team registration

Thanks for taking an interest in joining as part of our corporate team participants. The corporate team category involves each person completing a leg of the triathlon. [E.g, team member 1 (swimming), team member 2 (cycling), team member 3 (running)].

Please fill out the following form for further details on corporate team involvement. We will be linking you with the best possible tour organisers who can meet the specific needs of your team. You will be sent a tailored itinerary depending on your holidays, budget and number of people.  

Benefits of taking part as a corporate team include: 

  • Exclusive triathlon team kit.
  • Confirmed accommodation at a choice of your accommodation.
  • Separate team car to transport you from Karimabad to Borith Lake and back on race day. 
  • Choice of category (Super Sprint, Sprint, Olympic)
  • Exclusive team medals to showcase your achievement.


Team Captain Name *
Team Captain Name
What distance will your team be taking part in? *

Feel free to email to find out more how we can make it the best team excursion yet!