An Epic Triathlon in Pakistan

Experience the thrill of an adventure at the heart of the Karakoram.


21 July 2019


Our story


TriPakistan was born out of a passion for combining sport with adventure. But more than just that, we, as responsible athletes understand the importance of being driven by a purpose - a purpose-driven adventure organisation was born.

Since 2016 we have been on the hunt for the best locations in northern Pakistan to host the triathlon, building our network of the best community individuals, sourcing the best logistical solutions to problems that have never happened before, because a triathlon has never took place here before. We think we’ve got it right…

The result of our hard work is the 2019 Borith Lake Triathlon.

By taking part you will be positively impacting lives, ensuring an influx of international and domestic tourism and be an inspiration for the next generation of triathletes and athletes. 





At the core of our being is adventure. The allure and curiosity of what’s unknown and the ambition to go seek it.



We’re conscious of our impact on the communities we operate within, and are looking for ways to benefit them.

Haseeb buriro tripakistan


Zero-waste operations that ensure that we make no lasting environmental impact.


Hunza is Pakistan's best kept secret and one of the safest regions of the country to travel to. It is nothing short of a cultural gem in a varied and magnificent landscape shaped by the mighty Karakorams which gives its unique and undeniable beauty that is worth experiencing.

It's beauty is magnified by the unique and intact culture of the tribal communities that have lived in these mountain regions and learnt to truly live with nature. From the hospitable and welcoming nature of the people, the glorious abundance of fruit to die for and the cultural history dating back a couple thousand years, Hunza has a lot to offer for the adventurous traveller. 

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